Classical Palace family-owned company was established 3 decades ago by Mr. Abdulla Al Hamad.

His vision and passion for Interior design, his love of bold colors and patterns, and his powerful use of layering to create tailored, sophisticated spaces, have come to defines Classical Palace unique style.

 Future dedication, collaborative design approach and eye for details per with rigorous quality control continue to fulfill and to define vision of Classical Palace as a leader in this field.

Through our colorful history Classical Palace was always committed to responding to our Clients’ brief and lifestyle, and creating original, authentic and individual interiors that stand the test of time.

Our attention to perfection is evident trough our entire history of decorative and design process.

Today, Classical palace has evolved into a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary company offering construction, architectural, interior and landscape specialized services to a variety of corporate, hospitality and residential Clients.



Critical to our design process is a team approach. A good relationship between designer, architect, client, consultants and contractor are necessary to allow a free interchange of ideas. Crucial to this team process is the sharing of knowledge and experience. We believe that to learn from one another is the best approach to find the optimal solution.

The design industry has changed dramatically over the past years. Today palaces, villas, hotels and offices were primarily geared toward very luxury way of relaxing, working and living.

Classical Palace is committed to finding original solutions to these changing demands. Constantly examining new frontiers in the industry, the company’s team of skilled architects and designers strive to produce innovative and technologically advanced concepts that appeal not only to the business client but also to the wider audience.  This approach calls for a unique design philosophy.

"Classical Palace does not limit itself to a singular approach to design. We approach each project by looking at what the client actually require, tailoring our designs to meet those needs.”

Our goal and philosophy is to create living, relaxing and working places that not only meet the Clients functional requirements but are design experiences in themselves.

At Classical Palace, we have gathered all the talent and skills to shape the significant spatial organization of mankind. It is expressed at different levels: from the smallest constructive detail to the scale of region, landscape, urban centre, public space, building and interior.

The conceptual continuity of thought without breaches of scale, at different levels, ensures a consistency of design, taking into account solutions to significant environmental and ecological issues. Environmental constraints become obligations of performance and effectiveness, efficiency and economy; they generate a return to the fundamentals of architectural design and engender an optimization of resources. In all places our commitment is local, and our approach is global, enriched by our knowledge of sites and cultures. Our teams are multidisciplinary and multicultural.

As a firm, Classical Palace translates its essential values, creativity and expertise within every projects: designing convivial spaces, imagining new design-landscape-nature equilibriums, imagining new spaces for life and work.  While engaging itself more than ever in a architecture, interior design, and landscape.  The aspiration of Classical Palace is to instill a dialogue between the shape  and a use.  The motto of our architects, designers, thinkers and conceiver could be: "Grasp the architecture and interior design in order to develop a better life."

Finally, if these professions remain so inspiring, it is because they allow for the creation of research groups on subjects that are perpetually evolving, for the creation of exemplary sites…

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